Mummy Dress Size


Upper Bust
(To measure this bit start just above your bust under your armpit, make sure you are not pulling the tape tight around you. It should be a loose fit but not loose enough to fall down. Tip: Measure 1st thing in the morning as gravity takes over during the day and our body shape and size does change.)

XS- 30''-31''
S- 32''-33''
M- 34''-35''
L- 36''-37''
XL- 38''-39''
XXL- 40''-41''

(Measure at fullest part of your bust. Make sure you are wearing the correct under garment and make sure you are not pulling the tape tight.)

XS- 32''-34''
S- 34''-36''
M- 36''-38''
L- 38''-40''
XL- 40''-42''
XXL- 42''-44''