Frequently Asked Questions

Fabric Care Instructions:

Cold gentle machine or hand wash individually, use quality laundry liquid/powder.

Do not soak, wring, rub, bleach or tumble.

Dry clean using Hydrocarbon (perc free).

Use of colour catchers with your new fabric to avoid colour run and separating your coloured fabrics is recommended.

Please keep in mind that 5% shrinkage may occur when fabric is washed.


Fabric Variations:

All fabrics are inspected prior to sending however, due to the digital printing process, some colours may seem slightly different due to screen resolutions, and some minor flaws may be observed. What we refer to minor flaws are the following:

You may, at times expect very slight variations in either colour or textile weight as can be anticipated in any normal textile manufacturing and printing process. A 10% is a normal standard allowance for weight and colour variations between runs.

Please keep this in mind if you are ordering to match fabric designs to your previous orders.

Any marks on the back of the fabric are not considered flaws, unless they have come through to the printed side which in this case these will be cut around.

We will generally not claim a defect to a piece of textile for a flaw which is smaller than approximately 5cm square.

If we deem a fault as unacceptable and we aren't able to replace it on the spot, we will be in contact to offer alternative options before the order is sent out.

If minor flaws are a concern to you and are not up to your satisfaction, to avoid disappointment we would suggest not ordering.

We do our best to represent the colours of the textiles on our website, however, please be aware that due to your digital screen settings, the colours represented may slightly differ to the actual product.

Please contact us at: to discuss any queries relating to flaws.


Pattern Repeat Sizes:

We follow a set of standard repeat sizes on our bases however please note, that not all repeat sizes are offered on every textile base and you must select carefully from our product pages. The following standard pattern repeat sizes are used.

20cm x 20cm

30cm x 30cm

40cm x 40cm

60cm x 60cm


Current Bases on Offer and Pricing :

( All our prices are p/m (per metre) , are displayed in Australian dollars (AU) and are inclusive of GST ( for Australian residents.)

☆French Terry 280gsm 95% Cotton 5% Spandex and approx 150cm width.    $33 p/m

☆Cotton Lycra 95% Cotton 5% Spandex 250gsm and approx 150cm width.   $33 p/m

☆Rayon Terry 280gsm 95% Rayon 5% Spandex and approx 150cm width.    $33 p/m

☆GOTS Cotton Lycra 95% Cotton 5% Spandex 250gsm and approx 150cm width.                                                                                                                  $36 p/m

☆Single Sided Flannel Fleece 100% Polyester 220gsm and approx 160cm width.                                                                                                                   $32 p/m

☆Corduroy NO STRETCH 100% Cotton 210gsm and approx 140cm width.        $32 p/m

☆Minky 100% Polyester 200gsm and approx 160cm width.                             $32 p/m

☆Squish double sided 100% Polyester 320gsm and approx 165cm width.      $34 p/m

☆Cotton Twill 100% Cotton 145gsm and approx 145cm width.                         $32 p/m

☆Velvet Jersey 92% Polyester 8% Spandex 220gsm and approx 147cm width. $33 p/m

☆Stretch Corduroy  98% Cotton 2% Spandex 220gsm and approx 140cm width. $32 p/m

Double Brushed Polyester 200gsm 95% Polyester 5% Spandex and approx 150cm width.                                                                                                       $30 p/m

☆UPF50+ Swim Lycra 230gsm 85% Polyester 15% Spandex and approx 150cm width.                                                                                                                  $35 p/m

☆Cotton woven 145gsm 100% Cotton and approx 145cm width. (slubs are a normal characteristic of woven cottons)

$28 p/m

☆French Terry 180gsm 95% Cotton 5% Spandex and approx 160cm width.    $30 p/m

☆Corduroy NO STRETCH 140gsm 100% Cotton and approx 140cm width.        $32 p/m

Bamboo Lycra 230gsm 95% Bamboo 5% Spandex and approx 150cm width. $32 p/m

☆Rayon Twill 160gsm 100% Rayon and approx 140cm width.                          $35 p/m


( All our prices are p/half meter , are displayed in Australian dollars (AU) and are inclusive of GST ( for Australian residents.)

☆Canvas 100% Cotton 256gsm and approx 145cm width.                               $19 p/ half metre

☆Vinyl 0.7mm 100% Polyester 400gsm Lychee Textured front and brushed backing approx 140cm width.                                                                           $19 p/ half metre

☆Waterproof Canvas 100% Cotton 256gsm and approx 150cm width.     $19.50  p/ half metre

High quality Okeo Tex-100 Certified inks are used on all of our beautiful high quality textiles.


Fabric Printing:

We strive to ensure that all of our offered fabrics meet the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and OEKO-TEX ink specifications to ensure that the quality and safety of our product is second to none.

We carefully select and build relationships with manufacturers that share our values in sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes to prevent the use of child labour, fair working conditions for staff and sustainable sourcing and use of materials.


 Our Packaging:

We have moved to Australia Post flat rate satchels that customers can reuse as well - turn them inside out and use as black packaging.


Our Business Cards:

We use plantable seeded recycled paper business cards, beautifully made by SEED & INK. Our cards include camomile seeds so you can pop the card straight into the ground and germinate Chamomile flowers from the card itself. Instructions are on each card.


Pre Order:

We do not have a set scheduled for our pre- order runs.

As Maz Made. draw all of their own artwork from scratch, we are unable to go off a schedule of dates like others can and as such, our pre- order dates will vary and depend on when we finish designs and when stock arrives to us that we can put on offer.

Our Pre- order rounds generally have a 4-8 week turn around (from production to shipping to Maz Made. HQ) but due to the current freight delays with covid-19 our turn around times are between 8-10 weeks, from the date the round closes.

Please note that once the pre- order has arrived there will be an additional 1-2 weeks order fulfillment process of all the orders before they are ready to be sent out. This time can also vary depending on our personal schedules.

All updates on our pre- orders, transit times and upcoming rounds are provided in our Facebook group.



All our prices on our website are displayed in Australian dollars (AUD) and are inclusive of GST (for Australian residents).


Ordering Fabric:

Most of our fabrics are sold in 1m (metre) units EXCEPT our CANVAS, WATERPROOF CANVAS AND VINYL (they are sold per half a metre), please make sure you read each product descriptions for full information.

If you are purchasing more then 1m of the same design on the same base then it will be cut as a continuous piece.


If quantity is greater than 2+ (1 metre), fabric will be cut to maximum 1metre lengths due to postage restrictions.


For metre Example:

1qt = 1m x width of fabric

2qt = 2m x width of fabric

3qt = 3m x width of fabric


For half metre Example:

1qt = 50cm x width of fabric

2qt = 1m x width of fabric

3qt = 1.5m x width of fabric

All purchases are subject to confirmation of cleared payment.

Orders will not be shipped until payment has cleared which in some cases can take up to 5 business days.


Combining Or Holding Orders:

As much as we would love to be able to Hold or Combine your orders, at times this is not possible to do so.

We ask that you DO NOT combine your retail orders with Pre-Orders.

Please order retail separately to Pre-Orders.

Order combining is only offered to our international orders and or our custom bulk fabric orders.

Please note, if multiple orders are placed for the same product as separate purchases, we cannot guarantee that your products will be cut as a single sum total length piece in that product.